Killing pathogens is challenging. Treatments can create environments that delay healing. Even simple treatments can be financially beyond the reach of millions of people.

Destruction of biofilms is equally challenging. Current disinfection methods/products never eradicate them 100% from the surface or tissue where they exist, and they can exist on everything, everyone, every animal and every plant.

  • Skin is difficult to treat.
  • Biofilms are never 100% eradicated from surfaces and tissue.
  • Killing pathogens and biofilms can lead to delays in the healing process.
  • Multiple application treatments are too expensive for those in extreme poverty.


Use of a biocidal such as Molecular Iodine (I2) that kills pathogens and biofilms on contact. Molecular Iodine leaves healthy tissue intact and removes remanents of biofilms left behind on surfaces and tissue.

As an ingredient, Molecular Iodine can be included in a wide range of affordable products, making effective treatments accessible to millions - especially the poorest among us.

  • I2 kills pathogens and biofilms on contact leaving healthy tissue intact. Pathogens and biofilms have no known defense to I2.
  • By eliminating pathogens and biofilms, I2 creates an environment supportive of rapid healing.
  • I2PURE chemistry renders an affordable and effective ingredient. Resulting products can be priced within reach of those in poverty.


The Iodine you know - Povidone-iodine (PVP-I)

Contains many different iodine species that stain skin and cause toxicity which limits how PVP-I can be used. PVP-I includes 3-5 ppm Molecular Iodine (I2) which is responsible for all of the biocidal activity of PVP-I. The unfortunate thing about PVP-I is the toxicity caused by the iodine species that do not contribute antiseptic activity, i.e., non-I2 iodine species.

The Iodine you WANT know - Molecular Iodine (I2)

Viruses, bacteria and fungi have no resistance to I2. It is powerful, non-toxic, non-staining biocidal ingredient with no limits on how often it can be used.

The Breakthrough ...

Creating the chemistry to use I2 without the need for other iodine species was the important first step to establishing I2 as an unequaled tool to fight pathogens and biofilms. This monumental achievement is the result of 30 years work by a dedicated group of iodine formulation specialists that includes our Chief Science Officer, Dr. Jack Kessler.

What I2PURE has created is a broad-spectrum biocide that can be included as an ingredient in a host of products already in the market. It kills pathogens and biofilms at an efficiency greater than 99.999%, creates an environment for rapid healing and can be formulated in concentrations from 30 - 66,000ppm (PVP-I I2 concentrations are < 9ppm).