• International Product Release - India
    Observational trial in a government COVID-19 hospital.
    Delhi Police Department - entire force (100,000) receives I2cure.
    Licensing agreement with Clinic in Hyderabad.

Product Release in India

The first product has gone to market with a Molecular Iodine ingredient. I2Cure launched in October of 2020 as a bio-shield antiseptic lotion. It is available in 15ml bottles and single use sachets in India and adjacent regions.

This easy-to-use broad-spectrum antimicrobial provides the protection of molecular iodine against COVID-19. But unlike alcohol-based sanitizers, I2Cure provides 12-hour, fool-proof protection against viral, bacterial, and fungal threats. The lotion nourishes and hydrates the skin as opposed to alcohol-based products that dry, crack and damage the skin.

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AsiaOne Magazine awards I2cure Fastest Growing Leaders 2020-21 Award

We feel elated to announce that I2cure has been recognized as the fastest growing brand by AsiaOne magazine. An IIT alumnus, a Serial Entrepreneur & Venture Capitalist, a technology evangelist with a proven track record over the past 4 decades, across multiple manufacturing products, processes & geographies, Mr.Anil Kejriwal, Chairman – I2Cure Iodine BioShield, is lauded by AsiaOne Magazine and is going to be felicitated Fastest Growing Leaders 2020-21 Award.


Delhi Police Department

The Police Department in Delhi is distributing I2cure to their officers, a force of 100,000. Read More...


Licensing Agreement

In negotiations to license our techcnology to a medical provider. The end products will be available in multiple molecular iodine ppm and prepared in 16 oz., 1/2 liter and liter sizes. The products will be used in clinical settings as a replacement for Povidone Iodine.


Observational Trail

I2cure has been referred to start an observational trial in a government COVID-19 hospital. The Indian government and the medical community recognize the impact that the perfection of a 200 year old product could have for the entirety of the country.

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